“I was well looked after pre and post pregnancy and felt very safe throughout the labour! Joseph was amazing at explaining everything as well as keeping me calm throughout the labour. I had a wonderful experience and we will definitely be coming back for future babies!”

– Yvette

Pregnancy is one of the most precious experiences for most families.

It is such an exciting time for everyone involved and is filled with memorable and surprising moments, particularly for the mother. While some of these moments are filled with joy, others are more challenging as even the healthiest mothers with low-risk pregnancies can experience unexpected complications.

As an experienced obstetrician based in Sunnybank, Dr Joseph Jabbour is your specialist support through this process: providing you with professional advice and compassionate care. He is available to his patients at every step of the pregnancy journey, which allows him to build a deep understanding of your preferences and provided personalised recommendations for the health and care of both mother and baby. His approach is genuine and calm, so that you feel cared for at every step of the journey.

Dr Joseph aims to keep you well-informed throughout the experience and will provide detailed and thorough explanations of your options to help you best manage you and your baby’s health from conception to post-birth. His focus is ensuring that both of you are as healthy and comfortable as possible through every stage of pregnancy and childbirth.

Whether you’re about to embark on this new chapter of life or planning ahead, you can book a specialist obstetrician appointment with Dr Joseph in Sunnybank.

The Pregnancy Care Journey

Prenatal and Antenatal Care

Dr Joseph offers support from the very start of your pregnancy so that you can proactively manage you and your baby’s health.

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In addition to general prenatal counselling, thorough routine screening and check-ups, Dr Joseph also offers specialised support for women with less straightforward or high-risk pregnancy journeys. He is an experienced Brisbane obstetrics specialist with expertise that extends across all types of high-risk pregnancies including pregnancy with twins, women with pre-existing medical conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure and the management of other early pregnancy complications.


Labour and delivery rarely goes precisely according to plan. Dr Joseph is always on call for your labour and delivery so that you can feel confident you’re in safe and familiar hands during childbirth.

Dr Joseph is well-versed to support you through your childbirth – regardless of whether it’s a natural birth, elective C-section or assisted delivery. Dr Joseph also has experience with managing multiple pregnancies, induction of labour, vaginal birth after a caesarean, labour complications, and emergency procedures

Postnatal Care

Your care shouldn’t end as soon as your baby arrives. Postnatal check-ups are essential to monitor the early stages of your baby’s growth and development. As both a gynaecologist and specialist obstetrician in Brisbane, Dr Joseph can also help you manage your own health and wellbeing as your body and reproductive system recalibrate after pregnancy.

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