“It is rare to find a specialist who takes on your health concerns in such a caring manner. He has always taken the time to explain all options and steps involved in the process. It’s not easy having gynaecological procedures but Joseph has the ability to ensure your comfort and confidence in all aspects of your care.”

– Leesa

Dedicated care for women’s reproductive health

Dr Joseph Jabbour is a gynaecology specialist who offers caring and professional medical advice for the diagnosis, management, and treatment of all kinds of female reproductive issues from cervical testing to minor gynaecological procedures.

He takes an evidence-based approach and is passionate about ensuring his patients are well-informed. Dr Joseph will take the time to provide you with detailed explanations and answer to your questions, so that you’re empowered to make the best decisions for your health.

Dr Joseph consults with his patients for specialist gynaecology near Brisbane and can help with:

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Gynaecological surgery and procedures

In conjunction with practising non-invasive care plans and treatment, Dr Joseph, as an experienced gynaecologist near Brisbane, is also specialised in minimally invasive laparoscopic gynaecological assessments and procedures.

Gynaecological laparoscopic surgeries, otherwise known as endoscopic or keyhole surgeries, are used for both diagnosis and treatment of many common conditions such as endometriosis and ovarian cysts. They use a small surgical telescope and video camera to allow procedures to be performed with only minor incisions. This means less pain, smaller scars, and a faster recovery.

Specialist gynaecology procedures that can be performed near Brisbane include: pain or fertility assessments, treatment of endometriosis, prolapse surgery, and the removal of cysts, tubes, ovaries or the uterus (hysterectomy).


Whether you’re having trouble conceiving, or just want to know how much time you have, fertility testing and diagnosis can provide you with an answer.

Dr Joseph can help you understand your situation and find the underlying causes for both male and female infertility. Find out more.

What is Gynaecological Surgery?

Gynaecological surgery is a type of operation carried out on a particular part of a woman’s genital system. This covers everything such as the vagina, uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries. While some surgeries are easy to perform, others can be more complex, requiring the patient to stay for a longer period of time at the hospital.

Laparoscopic surgery is one of the most popular gynaecological surgeries which can be carried out under a specialist gynaecologist near Brisbane or other areas.

What benefits does laparoscopic surgery offer?

Laparoscopic surgery offers plenty of benefits. It offers you the advantage of having to deal with less pain with the added benefit of a much speedier recovery. Through laparoscopic surgery, large incisions or cuts can be avoided. This can minimise blood loss, surgical pain and discomfort.

Laparoscopic surgeries are also quick to perform, requiring as little as an hour or more based on the type of procedure carried out by a specialist gynaecologist near Brisbane.

What’s the expected recovery time post procedure?

Ideally, the recovery time varies depending on the specific gynaecological surgery performed.

Are there any follow-up procedures I need to follow?

Follow-up procedures will differ from patient to patient and will mainly depend on the reason for the surgery. As your caring Gynaecologist near Brisbane, Dr. Joseph will guide you through the process and assist you on what to expect post surgery.

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